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Keep the Sparkle When Your Wash Bucket is Hours Away

You’ve washed and prepped the family cruiser for the summer road trip. Within hours mangled insects cake the windshield and layers of dust make your ride as filthy as a war rig from Mad Max.

How can you remove the dust, pollen, tar and bug goo when you’re miles from a hose and wash bucket?

Campers Once Again Join the Season's Timeless Melting Pot

Versatile Dutch Oven Expands Camp Mealtime Menu

Pack a cast iron pot for your family’s summer road trip and share a link with the pioneers who rumbled westward in the 1800s.

“Cooking with cast iron over a campfire is classic Americana,” said Laura Candler, social media coordinator for Lodge Cast Iron, a Tennessee-based cookware company.

Parents of Teens: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Model good driving behavior for your teen

Parents beware. Your children are watching how you drive, and the results are collectively raising eyebrows in the traffic safety community.

So says a recent survey from the National Safety Council. More than 90 percent of parents who use their cell phones while driving do so when their teens are in the car. Yet, an almost equal number state they are one of their teens’ primary driving teachers.

Beware: Patrollers Step Up Cone Zone Enforcement

Expect to see a lot of orange popping up along freeways this summer throughout the US and Canada.

No, not poppies. It’s the construction zone cones warning drivers of road hazards and construction projects.

Lessen the Load Via Lightweight Travel Trailers

New lightweight trailers make towing a breeze

Towing a travel trailer and taming the open road endure as a classic American experience.

A new generation of lightweight trailers invites families with small-to-medium sized vehicles to get in on the action.

Don’t Let Overheated Engine Leave Your Family Steaming

Don't let your car leave you stranded this summer

The return of summer means longer evenings, road trips and the ever-present threat of engine overheating.

Fortunately, some basic preparation and maintenance can help you avoid getting stranded on the roadside with steam billowing from underneath the hood.

Even New Tires Get Road Weary Without A Little Attention

Make sure your tires grip the summer road

Tires tolerate a lot of stress, even on blistering summer roads. But they need a little nurturing to keep your family safe on all those upcoming road trips and weekend outings.

Plan a Fun Watery Side A Worldclass Dam

Hoover Dam

Want your road trip to include floating campsites, laser shows or towering view platforms overlooking lakes and hills? Plan a quick detour to a dam.

Even someone with no interest in engineering still appreciates sparkling lakes, wildlife preserves and campgrounds available at these destinations.

Camp Recipes To Satisfy Outdoor Hunger

You’ve loaded the cast iron cookware, pot holders and necessary utensils into the trunk or bed of the pickup. The ingredients are chilling in the cooler.

All that’s missing is a meal plan.

Below are some ideas for a cast iron camp cookout from the folks at Lodge cast iron.

2015 RAV4 Builds on Two Decades of Engineering Excellence

2015 Toyota RAV4

The 2015 Toyota RAV4 marks 20 years for the iconic vehicle, and the newest model stays true to its roots by delivering great value with advanced technological features, cargo space and safety.