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Bring Balance Back to Your Tire's Life

Tires aren’t complicated. Just keep them properly inflated, rotate them every so often and don’t run over the curb and they’ll be just fine, right?

Actually, no.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Duty as Student Shuttle?

Summer driving punishes your engine, tires, brakes, battery and paint--problems you’ll want to address before school errands turn your personal vehicle into a limousine.

Experts suggest giving your car a once-over to assess summer-related wear and tear.

Thrills, Chills and Spins at the Hometown Track

Americans crave competition. And what's more basic than who's the fastest? 

One of summer’s simplest pleasures resides in the grandstands at the racetrack. The shriek of spinning wheels. The aroma of burning rubber. Vibrations from rumbling engines perking your neck hair.

Tips for Driving During a Summer Flash Flood

Heavy August rains stranded Detroit motorists last year in several feet of water and brought traffic to a standstill. The area was declared a federal disaster zone as wary commuters made their way home through a gauntlet of closed streets and snarled traffic.

Late summer flash foods are common throughout North America, especially the Midwest and the South.

Note to Self: Children Have Habit of Running Into Roadways

Children readily charge into traffic after a ball or sprint from a school bus without looking. That’s just part of being young, exuberant and carefree.

And that’s a big problem even for careful drivers as schools across the nation start fall sessions.

A Cautionary Tale: Protecting Pets from Heat Stroke

Nitro patrolled the sketchiest parts of a desperate city. The 3-year-old Dutch Shepherd corralled armed felons and once shook off hammer strikes like bathwater.

Even he couldn’t survive 15 minutes in a parked car on a hot day.

The canine deputy for the Stockton Police Department and succumbed late June to heat inside a patrol vehicle. His cautionary tale underscores the devestating affects heat inflicts on animals in confined spaces.

Don't Let Bug Goo Make A Sticky Mess of Your Exterior

A midsummer's drive can turn your vehicle into a piece of abstract art, especially in rural areas where insects are thickest. Bug goo bakes under the sun and slowly eats away protective coatings.

How can you prevent insect juice from permanently damaging vehicle paint and chrome?

Simple Steps to Bring Back Showroom Feel, Finish

Glide a few fingertips across your car’s paint. Does the finish still feel smooth and buttery, or bumpy as braille?

No worries. A little elbow grease--and a clay bar--can restore that showroom feel and shine.

The Lowdown on Bricks at America's Most Popular Track

More than a century ago an oval racetrack was built in rural Indianapolis that’s become as important to fans of auto racing as Graceland is to Elvis enthusiasts.

The iconic Indy 500 and NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 are among the annual events held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. More than 400,000 people can attend festivities there, making Indianapolis Motor Speedway the highest-capacity venue in the world.

Fire Extinguisher a 'Must Have' for Vehicle Safety

Most of us have driven past a burning car on the side of the highway. Sometimes that leads our thoughts adrift and what we would do if our own vehicle caught fire.